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I'd like to invite you to my live workshop.

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A 3 day FREE morning workshop designed to help you feel more confident, driven, and motivated to take action and overcome procrastination.

Performance & Accountabiltiy Practitioner.

Five years coaching and mentoring men groups.

Eight years Fin-Tech SME and Compliance Consultant.

Two years as Emergency EMT.

Discharged with high-honors as Staff Sergant after Three and a half years of service.

30 minutes live, at 7:30 AM EST:

FEB-07 - Restart

FEB-08 - Release

FEB-09 - Recharge



It's a 30-minute morning ritual that helps you get in the right frame of mind for the day, and it's free.


Live Instagram workshop in which I will guide you through mind-work and breath-work.

It will help you to:

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Break the patterns of overthinking

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Ground yourself

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We will also go over the psychological principles where you will learn:

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To getting things done

To feel confident in your actions

To have a clear mind your as a daily default state

Find the willpower to focus on what is important.

Join the Supercharged group and get exclusive energy and breathwork trainings for clarity and focus.

Who would benefit from it the most?

This morning ritual is appropriate for those who live in tight mentropolitan cities where there isn't much space for oneself, but it will be equally effective for those who live on the outskirts.

I personally found that the supercharge to be most useful for:

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Freelancers (Entrepreneurs) who work on multiple projects

Stay at home/Work from home Moms and Dads who are frequiently distracted

Office workers with demanding schedule and stressful / high-responsibility roles

What results will you get?

 Day 1 – RESTART  (7:30 - 8:00)

Learn to quiet down your mind and focus on what you want to accomplish.

Result: Discover what's really important to you beneath all the noise and distractions, and you'll feel a surge of energy and determination.

 Day 2 - RELEASE (7:30 - 8:00) 

Be aware of all the distractions in your life that aren't serving you or taking up your time, and learn to let-go.

Result: Improved self-confidence and sense of groundness throughout the day.

 Day 3 – RECHARGE  (7:30 - 8:00)

Concentrate intensely on achieving your goals and a clear vision of how you're going to get there, then move forward with determination.

Result: Motivate yourself to take responsibility for your own actions and gain mental clarity about the best way to achieve your goals.


Participation in the three full days of the program will help you develop a solid habit of controlling overwhelm, overcoming distractions, and keeping yourself accountable to your goals.


You'll get a complete set of quick and effective techniques whenever you need a boost of energy or a moment of calm.

Connect with like minded entrepreneurs who inspire each other and hold ourselves accountable for our progress

About Me

How Ilya's personal experience helps people do be more focused on their goals.

Ilya describes his 20’s as a constant state of overwhelm. Graduating from a gifted class program, serving in the military as an intelligence analyst for 3.5 years, working as a consultant in top tier financial institutions, and delivering results as a men's coach kept him on the spot for performing to meet high expectations and personal standards, which required him to constantly be on top of his personal performance.


To keep himself grounded and confident in his abilities through exhausting and challenging times, in some cases while doing the “impossible”, he used a combination of cognitive psychology, breathwork, and mind-work.


He combined his 12 years of professional experience to come up with a unique set of mood-and-mind methods that will help you pass through feelings of self-doubt, overwhelm, disbelief, and the desire to quit or help you to get yourself "together" when there's no one to hold you to account.


In this workshop, you'll learn how to harness the power of manifestation, breath and power-talk in order to empower your inner self, so that you can remember why you're on the path you are on and have the self-motivation and confidence to get you through times of discouragement.

QUIZ: Discover what's your personal Procrastination Type and what is the first step to overcome it.

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For any questions, please contact!
Instagram: ilyanhimself
Co-Founded projects: MoreAndBetter, Talk2Her, Men's Roundtable, GoDEEPWORK, mood+mind.
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