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Learn how I have managed to to get more things Done, dissolve any resistance or procrastination and get emotional leverage to turn my passion into business, having just 4 hours a week of free time.

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True story: At one point I was working 9-to-6, any commuting 1 hour each direction, and i found an efficient way to work 1 hour a day that brought me take my hobbies into a professional level

I couldn't just rely on motivation

I had to find efficient method to work and get tangible progress with-out exhausing and burning myself out, deprive myself emotionaly from social life, and from the things I love doing.

I had to figure out how I can make daily significat progress that would make me feel like i am moving forward and getting actual result that would excite me to keep going.


Those are the deep-rooted concepts I have learned on how to do things that actually matters and take me forward, so I constantly get the excitement and fueling myself up seeing things actually happen in real life of my vision becoming a tangible reality.

And now it became the foundation for my personal confidence in my abilities to create something out of nothing (ideas) and 

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