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GoDeepWork for
Teams & Corporate

Focus Days Workshop

Focus Days for your teams on-premise or online. An interactive transformative experience while doing the business-as-usual tasks.

My personal approach is "Transformation First". The teams will be guided and experience immediate effect of my "Focus Day" program without interupting their daily task and commitments. A booklet with indepth explanation and theoretical info about process and why it works will be provided to each team member after the completion of the focus day.

The completion of my workshop permits the company to use the provided material and techniques to be incoroporated into the day-to-day emplyoee behavioral structure, providing an official permit to use the GoDeepWork methodologies at any time for intra-company activities.

// Duration: 4 Hours, with two 15 minutes breaks.

// Complimentary material: Information booklets giveaway

// Optional: Senior Management training.

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